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lördag 13 december 2014

Sunny Silvercoast - Summer 2015 preperation and a lot of other things...


Home made lemoncurd
As the season of 2014 just has ended the preperation of next season has just begun. We have a lot of work but there are also a lot of fun. We are living our dream. Today we had a lazy morning with a perfect breakfast. Åse has made an incredible lemoncurd with our own eggs and lemon. This together with a lovely toast is a perfect start of the weekend. Look at the color!!

Casa Jardim - start
This week has been perfect for outside work and renovation. So started with Casa Jardim, outside painting and and a new tile is more or less ready. If the weather keep being good we will continue with the other apartments next week.

Casa Jardim - work in progress
This morning we also went to the beach with dogs, Baldo (or as the Portugues freind says Ronaldo) was runing like a maniac. The dogs just love it and so do we. Who wouldn´t like this view.

And we also would like to say happy Lucia to all the readers, The spring is already here and the summer of 2015 coming up soon.

view from our morning walk 

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