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onsdag 17 december 2014


Our veranda isn´t what it used to be, a place to sit and relax and watch our gorgeous view. Nowadays it is filthy and dirty with dirt all over from our pots and plants.

Two days ago Lars came shouting about that someone, a wild dog?, had been on our veranda, in our pots, digging and throwing up on the veranda floor. Who could it be? We had to look out for this animal and try to chase it away when it came along next time.

Later that day one of our dogs behaved strangely. He was charging at the front door, barking like mad and growled a lot. Was it the wild dog outside? Now we could take it by surprise and tell it to leave, scare it off so to speak.

We looked out and saw this....
Our rooster and his ladies acting as hooligans

attacking the plants

Chicken droppings everywhere
The chickens are so tame and friendly so they tend to "hang" outside and wait for us to come out and feed them. Whenever we are inside nowadays they are outside because they can hear us.

The thing is we don´t want them to shit everywhere and to dig up our plants but it is sweet at the same time.

We think we have to put up a gate or something to keep them out.

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