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söndag 21 december 2014

Sunday = marketday

Hi everybody

Today has been an interesting day. We started up by going to Santana Market which is one of the biggest markets on the Silver Coast.

Santana Market has everything, and when I say everything I really mean everything. We bought a lovely onion braid, a cap, some cheese, two chickens and a hose holder.

I was looking at a new sweater but it was too small so there was no deal on this. Of course we had a lovely cup of coffee with a local sandwich called Bifana.

When you come to Portugal you must try a Bifana sandwich. This sandwish is not like any other sandwich I have eaten, It´s just lovely. After Santana market we painted the last at the veranda that we started to renovate. Hopefully we can present the result in the beginning of next week.

We ended our day with the Nut cracker.
The ballet we saw

Now we we will have a nice cup of tea and have lit the fourth candle in our christsmas candle stick, Have a nice evening all of you.

// LL

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