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torsdag 18 december 2014

Houston, we have a problem

We have a problem. Our problem is not of the dignity the crew of Apollo 13 had of course. It is not the worst one we´ve got either because we have many other, much worse, ones. But this particular problem is what to do with all our fruit.
There are about 120 fruit trees on our vineyard. We´re not sure because we haven´t counted them but more or less 120 fruit trees. There are apples, pears, quinces, plums, olives, oranges (many different types), lemons, grapefruit, clementinas, nectarins, peaches, cherries, figs (at least two kinds) nespera, medronho and maybe more varieties.
We tried to take care of some of the fruit but the time was never enough. It was very sad to see the fruit fall down and rot away. The figs, for instance, ripened all at the same time and we made as much fig marmelade as we had time to, but it was so much fruit that went to waste.
We made a very tasty marmelade with fig and brandy and in some of the jars we had walnuts as well. The original recipe had vanilla in it but we took walnuts instead.

the recipe for the fig marmelade is here. Unfortunately the recipe is in Swedish but you can probably use translate of some form to read it.

We also made Persian quince marmelade which is one of my favourites, It turns bright red if you let it cook long enough and since I love cardamom it is both beautiful to look at and to eat.
the recipe for the Persian quince marmelade is here

quince with cardamom and figs and brandy

We have made apple sauce, carrot and cinnamon marmelade, plum chutney,limoncello, orange liqueur with star anis and rum topf
recept på god limoncello

Limoncello, rum topf and orange liqueur

The the best lemon curd I´ve ever tasted was made the other day. The colour was so yellow so it almost looked artificial but the colour came from our eggs. Our chickens are so happy and eat so healthy so their yolks are insanely yellow, almost orange. Our lemons are organic so the taste of this lemon curd is pure heaven.
The recipe for the best lemon curd ever is here

lemon curd-look at the colour!

If you book with us we will make sure you will be able to taste some of our products. In the future you might even buy them. They could make great gifts for the cat sitter or family and friends.

if you want to book for the season of 2015 click here


We know that the headline is a misquote

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