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söndag 28 december 2014

Two "cliffhangers"


Today is a day full with different social activiteties. We will write more tomorrow about this, all of a sudden there is cliffhanger for tomorrow´s or this evening´s blogg, the first cliffhanger

As you know we have started to renovate Casa Limon. The veranda is done and we have started inside. We had a problem with the surface in the ceiling, it is masonite and it´s not so nice, We were thinking of putting in a completely new ceiling but this is a bit expensive and takes time to do so we thought we would paint it instead. To paint on masonite is not so easy and the resultat is not often good. We have a good freind and he suggested that we should make a new surface with the mixture of paint and plaster for the walls.

The mixture
Between the social events I did a couple of different mixtures. Should I paint it with the mixture using a brush or should we use a spatula, this is the question? One of the mixtures seemed nice and we will try to apply this on the ceiling. Hopefully the result of this will be a new surface that looks rustic and goes well with the other design of the appartment. You can se the resultat of the best mixture in the picture. The final resultat on the ceiling will be showed in a couple of day, This is the second cliffhanger

And we will say thanks for all of our followers on this blogg

Best regards

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