tisdag 23 december 2014

A new casa was born while sipping a glass of wine in the sun

Casa Limon

There has been a lot of work during the last weeks with renovation of the verandas in the apartments. Now one is ready thankfully so we will take some time off during the holidays.
It was a lovely day yesterday, the sun was shining and it was around 15 degrees celsius. One of our friends popped by and since he is a great photographer we asked him if he could take a couple of pictures of the veranda.

The aparment was previous named Casa Jardim (Garden) by the previous owner. When we were sitting and sipping a glass of wine in the sun, we decided to plant a new lemontree on the lawn outside the veranda. The light was wonderful and at that moment there was a new name for the aparment. Casa Limon has been borned.

New veranda outside Casa Limon

As you can see at the picture everything is bright and shining. A lemon tree will be perfect outside  don´t you think.

Hope that all of you will have a lovely day

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