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söndag 12 april 2015

worried wife

We needed a new batteri for the tractor and we also needed to change oil in the car. Something was broken in the motor, don´t ask me what, and that also needed to be fixed.

Adilson, the man who helps us out with constructions and the wine, twice a week, is a very good mechanic. He was going with Lars to the cheapest places to buy "stuff". So off they went, to a place close to Le Clerc in Caldas da Rainha and to two other places in Rio Maior. They needed a pit where they could change the oil but also to buy parts to our old SAAB. It is hard to find around here since you don´t see many SAABs here.

Lars came back, and this is the thing that worries me, very happy, almost in a wild way. Apparantly they had bought the things in Caldas and found a place to change oil. But he also found a compressor and two elecrical bush cutters in a junk yard. The man who own the junk yard wanted to sell them to Lars and Lars started to haggle. The price was for the compressor 50 Euros but the man would give him the bush cutters too in that price. Lars shook his head and sighed and said it was way too expensive (in Portuguese) They finally agreed on 20 Euros and 50 litres of wine because the man was having a party that very evening.

There were no wheels on the compressor so they took a couple from a kick board that was laying around.

But that is not all. He stole a couple of right threaded screws as well.
What is happening to my husband?

/a worried wife

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