lördag 18 april 2015

Worried husband

In the last blog my wife was worried about me because I have become more and more Portuguese in my way of thinking and the way I live. I can´t really agree but there might be some truth in her way of expression it. You have to take into concideration where you live and adapt don´t you think? So I have probably become more Portuguese in my way of living.

It´s now my time to be a little bit worried about my lovely wife and her "new" Portuguese life. As you know we now have three big dogs (they are lovely) and one rooster named after me!!!! (I don´t understand why) and 9 chickens. Ase has a wish that we would have the nicest chicken coop in Portugal and it´s up to me to build it, but it has to be the nicest...... No pressure at all.....

I know Ase would like to have a horse, but I also know that horses are not supposed to be living alone so we probably will end up with at least two horses. Do you think these horses will have the nicest stable in Portugal??? I can feel there is something in the air.

To build a chicken coop is one thing but to build a completely new stable is a totally different thing to do and it will take a lot of work, many hours, so at the moment I rest my case and do nothing. I will keep you updated

"the old one"

One hungry and dangerous chicken called Gracie

Sr Lars  and his ladies at the veranda

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