söndag 5 april 2015

Riding in Portugal

My last year in Sweden I was so lucky to be able to start riding again. I borrowed a horse twice/week. The kind owners let me have Pontus as much as I wanted to but he wasn´t the easiest horse to be around. Well he wasn´t that harder either- He just had a few issues with leaving the paddock.
Pontus in Sweden
I am not coming.
Pontus is a so called "Nordsvensk" a North Swedish, if you were to translate it. A Swedish cold blooded breed used in the woods or on farms in the ol´days. So you can imagine the weight on it. Nowadays there is a lighter type as well used in trotting, a kind of horse racing.

It is normally not the kind of horse you compete in dressage with or jumping but there are exceptions of course. For example Turbo.

But otherwise you mainly enjoy this type of horse on trail riding. And that is what I did. To ride Pontus was a bit like going on a tractor, steady and not very quick but you got there, safely.

Last week I had the oppurtunity to go with a friend to Quinta do Pinheiro Manso where she keeps her horse. I didn´t expect to ride even though I hoped and longed for it but to my surprise they asked if I wanted to ride as well. Of course I did until I heard that I was going to ride a lusiarab stallion. Ok he was 19 years old but he was a former now retired bull fighting horse. It sounded very dangerous and kind of wild to my hears. But he was so kind and sweet. The thing was it was such a difference riding Pontus in Sweden. Almost like driving a Volvo 740 to a Mustang.
hard work to drive

a bit lighter more nervous
It went ok even though I had to rethink everything I once knew. My experience in the past with horses are from riding schools or Pontus. This horse was so light and my hands were too tough and hard for him. You could only use light light squeezes almost as light as feathers. But it was so much fun. Next week I am going again.

I on Nijinsky

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