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onsdag 29 april 2015

A full House and a knife

Busy busy busy
The last couple of weeks have been really hectic but also filled with fun events.
I have kept my promise to go riding at least once a week on Quinta do Pinheiro Manso. Yesterday I even brought one of our guests that´s staying on the farm at the moment. She really enjoyed herself and we rode in the eucalyptus woods around the quinta. We had wonderful weather a nice galops on their beautiful horses.She wanted to come with me next week as well.

Three of our apartments are filled with happy and hopefully content guests which makes life so much easier for us since happy guests give us so much new energy. Even though it has been a lot of work lately and we are a bit tired. When the guests arrive and are in a vacation mood we nourish from them and we are filled with the same holiday spirit.

Last Saturday Lars was going to put up a new radiator in one of our apartments and Lars cut himself a bit. It wasn´t too deep but there was a lot of blood. Of course he didn´t want to go to the ER and put the cut thumb in alcohol. During the night he was awake most of it and decided to go to the hospital in the morning. But there was no infecton or anything he just got a big bandage and was told to be still for a day or two. He is better now but still has to keep the bandage on for a while.

We worked hard to finish the last apartment´s veranda and we are happy with the outcome. We think it looks nice and cozy and we hope our guests will enjoy sitting here and read or drink a glass of wine.

Tomorrow we will go to Óbidos and to their annual chocolate festival. It is the first time for us because we didn´t have time to go last year and we are really looking forward to it. It has been on from Thursday-Sunday the last two weeksand this weekend it is the last one so we better hurry or we will miss it this year as well.Óbidos Chocolate Festival

Tomorrow two guests from Austria and Germany are leaving us. They have been here, together with their dog Joey, on the farm for a month now and it will be empty without them. On Sunday two guests that were here last season as well, are returning which feels good for us. They were so satisfied with their stay here so they wanted to come back.

Well will keep you posted how the Chocolate festival was.

Take care

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