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torsdag 30 januari 2014


Sorting things out from all closets since the real estate agent is coming February 11. She is going to take a lot of pictures so you better clean those messy corners and closets, right?

This is a BIG house and there have been a total of 11 individuals living here. three dogs, two parents and six children. There is a lot of stuff everywhere. Some things I don´t even know what it is and right now it feels like I am going crazy because there are boxes, bags and big trash bags everywhere. It fells like you are trying to sort all closets and drawers out at the same time.

It is good though because then you have done some of the work until we move.

Today it is snowing and I haven´t been outside yet. Since I don´t care much for snow i don´t really mind. But I need to get out to get some air. There are serious dust damage to my skin right now.

See you


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