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fredag 24 januari 2014

Yes I said I was back so

Here we go again.

Today will be a busy day. We are going to IKEA to look for a lamp and a carpet. I flipped through their home page and saw a carpet I liked. It is good if you can use it in Portugal as well. Otherwise it doesn´t feel like a good idea to buy new things for the house.

The process of renovating the house is going forward and we think we can soon put it out on the market. Hopefully we will get a good price for it so we can bring some money to Portugal. I think we´ll need it.

I got a mail with a request for a group of 25 people wanting to rent the entire farm (except our house of course) a week in August. I asked them some questions how many adults/children, if they wanted breakfast and so forth. They came up with the answers and I gave them a price. Then I haven´t heard anything from them.

I think you will have to get used to many requests not leading anywhere but it is still fun to at least get a request right?

It is still very cold outside and I am longing to go to Portugal. It isn´t that warm there now but at least you can be outside and not freeze to death like here.

I am going to tell you about a very nice restaurant we visited on New Year´s Eve.

It is very close to home, maybe 5 km and I found it on Trip Advisor.
Adega do Albertino is a bit hard to find if you haven´t been there before.

When we got there we were warmly welcomed. We were the first guests to arrive this evening, the last in 2013. We choose to get there around 7 pm due to the fact we had a young child with us.

On the table there were different tapas. You don´t have to eat them because they are not free. You eat the ones you like or not. There were maybe 6-7 different ones on the table and we wanted to try them all. When the restaurant noticed that we ate and like them they brought more. All in all there were maybe 10-15 different ones in the end. It was New Year´s.

We ordered the Portuguese equivalent to champagne espumante. It was lovely and nice and cold. At the same time we ordered our main courses. We were 5 adults and one child.

We ate and ate more. We ordered dessert and coffees. They came in with home made meringues and dried fruits. Then the home made liquor came in, delicious.

the restaurant, very cozy 

dried fruits and home made liquor
 All in all we paid about 30 euros each which is a real bargain. The service was excellent and I can easily say it was one of my best restaurant experiences ever.


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