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tisdag 28 januari 2014

snow inside and out

So it feels. It feels like I have snow inside as well as outside. It started to snow yesterday outside and it has been snowing the whole night through. Not that much but an inch or so and i hate it, hate it from the bottom of my heart. it isn´t supposed to be snowing NOW. It might snow a little bit around Christmas just to keep a pretty romantic feeling. But now I am waiting for spring.

I know it is too early, only January and we can have this winter going on for at least another two months, but still.

And as if that isn´t enough, I got snow inside my body as well. It is absolutely freezing inside. Because we are waiting, and waiting and it feels like we have waited enough by now. Waiting for what you might think.
We are waiting to be able to sell our house, move to Portugal, sign those damned papers which aren´t ready yet. Waiting to start a new life.

whine whine

Yesterday we went to see a movie in Gothenburg just to get out of the house for a change. The film we had planned to see had only bad seats left so we took another one. The one we saw was a Swedish one based on a very popular book.

Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

 Lasse had read it and liked it a lot. I had only started to read it but didn´t like it at all so I didn´t finish it.

The movie was horrible, both Lasse and I thought. But next time we would like to see Philomena.

Tomorrow I am going to see Pontus, the horse, and take him out for a walk. It will be nice.

slim apartment for rent Nazaré

I can´t help myself, Pastel de Nata

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