torsdag 23 januari 2014

I´m back

After a long blog holiday I am now back on track again.

There are many things I would like to address but cannot at the moment. Of course it has to do with the very tiresome process of buying a property in Portugal.

We are not just buying a regular property, but a property with the wrong information on the deed. It was 1.6 hectares instead if 1.1. It is positive of course but the land registry, Conservatorio had to make the alterations.

Then it had a cottage on the premises which had no building permit so that had to be registered in a proper way, then it had to be approved as fit to live in, licenca de habitacao.

Then the property must be registered as a agro turismo, a farm where you have holiday lets for tourists.

Then there was a strike.

Now it looks like we´re soon at the end of this very, very long journey of buying a property in Portugal. So far it has taken us 7 months. Our lawyer says it is quite common. But I can´t imagine what has taken so long.

Now something different.

The cold weather has a grip on us. yesterday I went to ride Pontus and even if it was only -3 I was so cold I couldn´t even feel my toes. I started the day walking the dogs and after a short while I felt like a ice woman.
Right after I went to the stable. Since it is quite cold inside a stable I never got my temperature back even after hard work,

We went out for a walk Pontus and I and after 30 minutes we headed back because of the icy wind.

It was so beautiful but oh so cold. I am hoping for some warmer weather so we can ride a bit longer.

The 12 days we spent at the farm over New Year´s were wonderful but very cold inside. We had log fires going most of the days and before we went to bed we stuffed the salamander full so the heat would last during the night.

it was very good to be there and see "the worst". Roof leaking, a lot of rain and cold and very damp inside. A dehumidifier is an absolute must.

Annelie and Lasse are checking out the wine in the adega

First breakfast. Cold inside but newly pressed orange juice from organic oranges. Ours of course

Market in Santana. SUN

Some days were very nice and warm and some were rainy. On Friday Yasmin, Jason and their daughter Mikaela came. It was really nice. They arrived VERY late because the took the wrong road several times. We had to instruct them through text messages and phone calls.

Beautiful even in December

so many oranges

New year´s Eve. Jason and Yasmin

Feeling very very happy.

We just had a marvelous time and I will tell more about it later.


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