lördag 12 juli 2014

Wrong chickens and a duck

We decided a month ago that we wanted to have some chickens in our much run down and dirty coop. We wanted fresh eggs. The bio ones you buy in the stores here are sooo expensive.

So of course I aked my son Adam and his friend Jesper, when they were visiting if they could help us cleaning out the coop and get the chickens for us.

When I got home from school 6 very scared and small pintos=chickens were in the coop.
We have now fed them, given them frsh food and water every day and they have grown alot. Now they dare to come out and sand bathe.

Not far from where we live there is a man and his wife growing a lot of vegetables. They don´t live there just keeps a plot for chickens and ducks raising them well. One day the man, who is German asked if we wanted to buy a duck, not a live one but raised for food. Since they treat the animals well in a eco friendly way we agreed. The price was 5 euros/kilo and it would come ready to eat.

Today the man and his wife brought the duck and at the same time we asked to come and look at our chickens to see if we were doing ok keeping them.

They took one look at them and said that we had bought the wrong ones. The ones we had was a kind that you just brought up to eat. Who could have imagined that there even was a difference. The ones we had in our coop were frangos (meat chickens) and not galinhas (egg chickens). These ones apparantly only lay eggs in one cycle and then die!!!!!One egg can get stuck in their bum and they will not survive this.

So we have to kill them before this happens or they will suffer. The man kindly offered his help to do this if Lars would attend as well "since he has to learn how to kill them anyway" ???????
The man will il the first one and show Lars how to prepare them for eating and then Lars will have to do the rest. I am not going to be anywhere near when this happens, more likely indoors crying.

Well the duck looks lovely in the fridge and tomorrow we will eat it.

Have a nice evening

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