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onsdag 16 juli 2014

Big lunch

Yesterday I took our guests down to a car rental company. Thepriny had rented a car for three days which is a very good idea when you´re here. You get to see so much more of the area then. And a beautiful area it is.

I had printed a map from the web and written numbers on it. On the back of the page I had explained what to see and do in the closest surroundings. I found out later that they had gone to Nazaré.
Nazaré sen from Sitio
Lars was painting the doors around the pool area because they are very worn down and painted in all kinds of colours. Hopefully they will all look better when they get a new lick of paint on them.
I did some paper work by the computer and some gardening.

We decided to do some long needed shopping, paint and new sun matresses for the sun beds and off we went. But since it was lunch time we decided to go for lunch at a place we had never been before. They ofered lunch bufféts and their reputation was good.

For 10 euros you got to eat as much as you wanted and they had two different soups, salads, cold cuts, cheeses, many many hot dishes and a table with oh so many different desserts. Also in the price were something to drink and coffee.

We ordered a glass of wine with our meal and then another one. We ate. We ate salads, meat, cheese, pies, rice, and too many samplings of the sweets. Then we had to go home and lie down. No shopping was done.
We were so full and tired after the red wine.

After the much needed rest we went and got the shopping done. More gardening was done and since I had had a siesta after lunch I had a problem sleeping at night and read too for too long.

Sometimes I think you need days like this as well.


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