lördag 10 maj 2014

I am here

April 10 we left Sweden on the Goteborg-Kiel ferry. Herman our old dog was with us and we figured we would save some miles of driving and be lazy going by ferry a small part of the way.

"Our" ferry
The guys in the cabin

The bext day, after a big breakfast on board, we took off. We had 2700 kilometers to drive before we would reach our final destination, our new home.

Herman had his seat belt on at all times

Our oal was to reach the north of France the first day but we would see if Herman managed to go so far. He did fine so we slept in a nice place in France and the third night in north of Spain.

Having a break in sunny France

Pretty colours

When we started our drive from San Sebastien, north of Spain, the temperature got real high. By the time we reached Portugal it was 28 degrees centigrade outside and we had no A/C in the car. We saw that Herman started to become ill. It was to hot for him. We stopped every hour and tried to get him to drink. The last pause we had he wouldn´t drink and just shook.His legs were trembling and I felt we would loose him then and there. He refused to drink until Lasse came up with the idea of putting some food into the water. Then he drank. Thank God.
Finally! Portugal
When we got home, my friend Annelie and her father had prepared a meal for us and it was really nice to be home, at last.
Home at last

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