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fredag 16 maj 2014

much work and a little relaxation

On Sunday my dear husband arrives in Portugal together with our two other dogs. They are all flying from Copenhagen very early Sunday morning. That means they have to start driving in the middle of the night from Goteburg. Luckily a dear friend is taking them. What would you do without friends?

I will be awesome to meet the guys again and of course my husband. It has been very empty without them. On Sunday, after I ´ve picked them up 9.30 in the morning, we will just take it easy and chill the whole Sunday. We will show the boys the area and have a nice dinner together. Maybe I can persuade my husband to take a nap. He has been going from Sweden to Lisbon via Denmark and working like mad for so long now.

We´ve had really warm weather lately so it was necessary to give Herman, the old dog, summer costume.

Herman and his very good friend Rufus

roses everywhere
The garden is really over grown but ever so beautiful. I don´t dare work so much in it. I kind of had a close encounter to death. I don´t know what happened. I was working in the garden, cutting a lot of flowers when I started to cough. I started to head for my house when I suddenly couldn´t brreathe. When I came inside it became better but until I have someone to keep me company I don´t dare do to much in the garden.

Yesterday we went to Caldas da Rainha because they had some kind of holiday and it was supposed to be a lot of festivities all over the town. Very much to our surprise we couldn´t find anything that looked any different that it normally does. Well it was a bit more quiet than normal.

Tomorrow I might sit in the sun for a while. I am so pale.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag utgår ifrån att Lasse är här nere nu i Portugal.
    Vilket ju betyder att ännu en helsvensk familj är bosatt här för gott, och det ska ju gratuleras.
    Och det verkar vara ännu en familj på väg, det vill säga Kenneth och Birgitta ifrån Västerås, även om det kan ta ett år, så med tiden kan vi nog bli riktigt många.
    Häsningar Hasse i Tomar.

  2. Tack!
    Ja Lasse har kommit och de två andra hundarna.
    Vad kul att det verkar komma flera svenskar. Hur har du det? Vi har bråda dagar med att ställa ordning allt inför gäster. Sedan är det ju vinet som skall bindas upp mm.
    Hoppas vi ses någon dag.
    Hälsningar Åse