tisdag 1 april 2014


Last weekend the weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm (for Sweden and this time of year) The temperature reached 15 degrees centigrade and when you were out walking the dogs you could see people everywhere. They were out working in their gardens, working on their houses, pressure wahing their barbecues and garden furniture but one thing that struck me the most were how many trampolines they put together in their, sometimes small gardens.

I was thinking that maybe you don´t need one trampoline in every garden. Maybe some neighbours could go together and put one or two up and the rest can maybe have a football goal, a basketball basket or a badminton net up. then the children could go between the neigbours and do different things. Especially when you saw the same kids in all gardens. They all were friends and played together, jumping on one trampoline and then moving on to the next.

I went out in the beautiful weather and walked Pontus. He has a bad leg again so he can´t be ridden. But I think he enjoyed the walk anyhow.

At home things are moving forward with my move to Portugal. The car had a check, new tyres and has been approved by the car inspection so we are ready to drive Sweden-Portugal 3240 km one way.

I am checking dog friendly hotels through Europe so we can take ol´Herman. It isn´t so easy to find a place that take dogs, have a secure parking and serve a decent breakfast. Of course you can find a place that serve breakfast but it is better if you want to save time.

Only 9 days to go now and I have started to see friends to say goodbye. You don´t know when you see them again. This week will be busy, meeting friends 5 nights of 7. But it is a lot of fun.

Now I will have to move to the utility room to fold some laundry.

Talk to you later


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