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torsdag 12 juni 2014

The heat is on

It is getting warmer outside which is really nice, at least like this in the beginning of the summer. Eventually you will probably get tired of it but for now it is wonderful. I have missed sitting outdoors at night. The wind has been so chilly so we have mainly been indoors in the evenings.

My youngest son and his friens are here for a week and they are helping us fixing the chicken coop. We are going to build a nicer one later but this one will do for now. This afternoon we are going to pick up 6 young chickens that are going to move in to the chicken coop tonight.

fixing for the chickens

arrival in Caldas
 It is lovely to have family here because I have really missed them. I hope all of them will visit soon. On Monday they are going to Lisbon for three nights so we have to hurry if they will explore the area. Today we are heading for the beach anyhow.

The new pool is coming along nicely and we think they wil be ready this week with the construcktion work. Then they are coming to put the new overing and all the equipment in. Then it will look better and more apealing then it doea right now.

one day´s work. Not bad.

School is nearly over and after tonight I think we only have one more lesson left. I miss it already and hopefully there will be another course next semester.

Take care

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  1. Hej det här är enda sättet jag kan skriva till er, då jag inte har er e-adress.
    Jag har förstått det som att Lasse gillar fotboll? nu är det ju lite långt hit, men vi är ett gäng som ser en del matcher, i kväll blir det Portugal-Tyskland,,, vi såg Holland- Spanien vilken Kross,, men kan det vara något för dig Lasse när det drar ihop sig till final eller en match med Portugal i nästa omgång?
    Grattis till nya Poolen.
    Hasse i Tomar