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torsdag 5 juni 2014

mysterious animals

I know.
It´s been a while.
I am not even trying to catch up but rather write what´s on my mind right now.
I have now lived in Portugal for seven weeks. Seven different, extemely busy and fun weeks. Some days I have almost lost my mind when nothing works as you are used to and most things are so complicated. For instance it took me 10 visits to PT, the Portuguese Telephone company before my tv, telephone and internet was working.

On my morning walks we come across new things every day. The first days we only noticed the wonderful smell of eucalyptus
The ivy is taking over
 Then we started to notice other things, dogs barking far away,chickens in a yard and lizards running up and down the sides of the road. One day we saw something on the side of the road. It was some kind of animal. First we thought it could be a lizard, but no it moved differently. Could it be a rat or a baby boar?
apples and pears
 We just ouldn´t figure it out. The next time we walked the same way I spotted something white running in to the bushes. A boar or a white rabbit? Then another couple of days passed before I saw the mysterious animal again. Now I saw it for sure. It was a guinea pig, and not just one. We saw one white and another yellowish. But I think there are more. The reproduce themselves quite quickly, right?
The dogs are VERY intersted in them.
How do they survive? Did someone, who just got tired of them, just let them out to fend for themselves? It must be tough for them out in the wild, being the preys of cats and wid dogs.
not ready to eat yet

beautiful walks
I will try to catch them with my camera next time.

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